In the harmony of the right pieces, not just a picture is formed, but a vision. First Consulenza AG – Where your vision takes shape.

In the harmony of the right pieces, not just a picture is formed, but a vision. First Consulenza AG – Where your vision takes shape.

Company Valuation

Are you looking for a first-class valuation of your company by a globally recognised company? Then you’ve come to the right place. Trust in our experience for reliable result.


Our team of Investment Advisory Professionals offers tailored advisory services for individuals and businesses. 

Client Relations

Building strong relationships with our clients is our top priority. Our Client Relations team ensures that our clients’ needs and expectations are always met.

Strategy Development

Strategy development is key to success in the investment industry. Our team collaborates closely with clients to craft tailored investment strategies.

Investment Startups

We support startups and emerging businesses with their investment needs. From initial funding to scaling, we provide guidance and resources to ensure these companies can grow successfully.


Our co-funding service allows investors to jointly invest in promising projects and businesses.

First Consulenza AG is a renowned swiss consulting firm that has been successfully supporting both institutional and private clients since 2011. The company is led by CEO Francesco J. Ciringione, a respected entrepreneur and publisher with extensive experience in the lifestyle and business sectors. First Consulenza AG is an investment boutique, and its services include publishing, sponsoring, investments, events, sales training, and projects. The company collaborates with a network of highly qualified experts to ensure optimal results for its clients. With over 20 years of experience in publishing and the advertising industry, First Consulenza AG has established itself as a successful investor and partner for various companies. Through stakes in firms across different industries and the ownership of licenses and trademark rights, the company is well-diversified and offers numerous opportunities for successful collaboration.

Our Team Members

Francesco Ciringione


Francesco J. Ciringione brings 20 years of experience in the publishing sector, during which he successfully founded and developed 18 magazines and 21 online platforms. As an independent consultant in sales and motivation training, he possesses extensive expertise and a strong network in Switzerland and Europe. His expertise makes him a valuable asset for any company, showcasing proven successes in business establishment, network building, and market innovation.

Laura Giordano


Laura Giordano is an experienced and versatile woman who has worked in both the publishing industry and in managing a dance school. She possesses strong organizational skills and is capable of efficiently coordinating and managing complex projects. Her friendly demeanor makes her a valuable asset in various work environments. Overall, Laura is a competent and reliable employee who impresses with her versatility and organizational talent.

Boris Jaeggi


Boris Jaeggi has maintained a friendly relationship with CEO & Founder Francesco J. Ciringione for 30 years. He was the owner of the largest language school mediation agency in Switzerland. From 1985 until the sale of his holding company in 1991, he also served as the president of the European School Service. Since 1991, he has been marketing the artwork of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood as an art dealer. In 2004, he entered the publishing industry alongside Francesco J. Ciringione.

Hasan Dursun


Hasan Dursun brings years of experience in publishing management as well as comprehensive knowledge in the fields of human resources, offline and online media, and corporate leadership. His broad expertise enables him to effectively mediate between different departments and make strategic decisions that positively influence both internal team dynamics and the external perception of the company.

Giulia Ciringione


Giulia Ciringione is a highly qualified and dedicated young woman who joined the thriving family business after completing her International Baccalaureate. With her excellent language skills, organizational talent, and flexibility, she has quickly proven herself indispensable to the company. Giulia supports the management team and has already successfully led her own projects. Her dynamic presence enriches the company and serves as a prime example of successful young talent.

Ersin Yornik


Ersin Yornik has over ten years of experience in the world of application development, where he has led global teams in development, design, and content management. His leadership skills and profound technical understanding have led to successful projects on an international scale. His expertise in coordinating between technical and creative teams enables the implementation of innovative solutions.

Hazim Junuzovic


Hazim Juzunovic is an experienced sales professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has successfully built and developed magazines and possesses excellent organizational talent. His sales flair and ability to lead teams make him an optimal sales manager. Hazim is known for not only giving instructions but also actively participating in the sales process himself, setting an example for his employees.

Melanie Moret


Melanie Moret is an experienced, reliable, and creative graphic designer who has harbored a passion for graphics and design since her elementary school days. After successfully completing her apprenticeship as a graphic designer EFZ in 2016, she gained comprehensive experience in various advertising agencies. Since 2020, she has been part of Francesco J. Ciringione’s team, where she takes on the creative design and implementation of various projects with great dedication and personal responsibility, including the renowned PRESTIGE magazine.