In the harmony of the right pieces, not just a picture is formed, but a vision. First Consulenza AG – Where your vision takes shape.

In the harmony of the right pieces, not just a picture is formed, but a vision. First Consulenza AG – Where your vision takes shape.


Our team of Investment Advisory Professionals offers tailored advisory services for individuals and businesses. 


Our fund management team takes on the responsibility of managing and overseeing investment funds. 

Client Relations

Building strong relationships with our clients is our top priority. Our Client Relations team ensures that our clients› needs and expectations are always met.

Strategy Development

Strategy development is key to success in the investment industry. Our team collaborates closely with clients to craft tailored investment strategies.

Investment Startups

We support startups and emerging businesses with their investment needs. From initial funding to scaling, we provide guidance and resources to ensure these companies can grow successfully.


Our co-funding service allows investors to jointly invest in promising projects and businesses.

The First Consulenza AG is a leading Swiss consulting company that has been providing advisory services to institutional and private individuals since 2011. Based in Basel, the company is led by CEO Francesco J. Ciringione. As an independent entrepreneur, Francesco J. Ciringione successfully operated as a publisher of dozens of magazines and online portals in the lifestyle and business segments for over 15 years. Widely recognized as a “persona grata,” he is known as a sales expert and innovative visionary for successful business ideas. Over the years, he has been a sponsor and guest at “TOP EVENTS of Switzerland”: White Turf St. Moritz, Art on Ice, Art Basel, St. Moritz Awards, Pirelli Calendar Night, Gourmet Festival St. Moritz, Arosa Snow Horse Races, Berenberg Snow-Polo Klosters, CSIO Basel, Swiss Indoors, Laureus Charity, Red Cross Ball, Zurich Film Festival, and the Venice International Film Festival, to name just a few and the Venice International Film Festival, to name just a few. 

With an extensive network of independent and quality-checked experts, First Consulenza AG’s services encompass publishing, sponsoring, investments, events, sales training, and projects & accompaniment. For companies lacking the necessary resources, First Consulenza AG leverages its broad network to tap into external partners with reputable portfolios. With a global, leading brand and well-known personalities, the missing puzzle piece is found for each partner or customer, ensuring optimal results. First Consulenza AG holds stakes in various companies operating in diverse sectors. The company’s holdings are highly diversified and disconnected from each other. Investments can be found in real estate, CBD production, trading, various lifestyle products, a production company in the TV-video sector, and various technology apps. Additionally, the company owns multiple licenses, trademark rights, and naming rights.

Our Team Members
Francesco Ciringione - CEO First Consulenza AG
Francesco Ciringione

First Consulenza AG

Laura Giordano

Schweizer Fachmedien GmbH

Giulia Ciringione

Schweizer Fachmedien GmbH

Hasan Dursun

Publishing Director
Schweizer Fachmedien GmbH

Boris jaeggi

Schweizer Fachmedien GmbH

Ersin Yornik

COO ag

Nick Rappolt

CEO ag

Luca Haverkate

Green Medi Group AG

Andy Klossner

Instinct Pictures GmbH

Zehra Krupic


Melanie Moret